How to upload a VOD via FTP with the new Back Office?

You have 3 options for VOD uploading:

We recommend using the PC/Mac uploader framed in blue in the picture above for most uploads.
However, if your file is over 2GB in size or your Internet connection keeps dropping and needs a reliable FTP upload, you can use the DACAST FTP method.

NOTE 1: Since December 12th, 2016, the process to upload VOD content via the FTP method has been made much easier and is now an automatic process. Once the file dropped in your FTP software, they will be automatically integrated into your VOD section of your DaCast account.

 Here is how it works: 


Step 1: Go to the VIDEO ON DEMAND (1) section of your DaCast BackOffice and click on the   (2)

Step 2
: click on DACAST Ftp (1) and make a note of the Host URL and Login (2)

Step 3:
If you don’t already have a FTP client, you can download FileZilla (Open Source Software):

When you are ready, use the FTP client to connect to our server and move your files over.
In this tutorial, we will be using FileZilla. 

Once open, you can enter the information from the previous step (Host & Username) and add your password account. Click on Quickconnect to be fully connected to DaCast.

Step 4: From there, locate the video(s) you want to import to your DaCast account (it is the left part of the screen) and drag & drop them to the right part, as shown on the picture below:

And voila! Once the transfer over, you video will be waiting for you on top of the VIDEO ON DEMAND section of your DaCast BackOffice:


NOTE 2: For big files, you may want to revisit the settings of your FTP Client to make sure you don't have any timeout connection during your upload.
Here is how to do so in Filezilla:

  1. In your top menu, click and EDIT, the SETTINGS as shown below:

  2.  The following pop up should appear in which you can: 
  • Disable the timeout so the connection is never closed: enter 0 in the field "Timeout in seconds"
  • Enter a number >= 10 in the field "maximum number of retries" in case your connection is stopped




NOTE 3: If for some reasons your account is still using the manual process (you would have to contact us if you want to use the manual process instead of the automatic one), please read the extra steps below: 

Step 6: After your files have been moved into your FTP client, please navigate back to DaCast FTP page and refresh it. It should show all the files you just uploaded in your FTP client as shown below:

Step 7: You can select a file and drag and drop it from the left to the right.
Here is what it should look like after clicking on the TRANSFER button:


Step 8: After a few minutes, go back to your VOD section and your video should be there. 

If you want to organize your VODs in the new Back Office, follow this walkthrough.