Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder: Problem With Primary Server?

If you are getting a Problem with Primary Server message in Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE), like at the bottom of this article, there are two possible causes:

1. You did not open the proper XML Profile. If you opened up a XML Profile called "startup" this is not the correct one, but rather a default one that comes with the Adobe program. Assuming you didn't rename the XML Profile, it should be named like "Dacast_[channel-name]". If you didn't save the XML, go back to the ENCODER SETUP page and download it. It's below where you downloaded the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder program.

2. The other reason is that your login and password is incorrect. Make sure you are entering in the series of digits found under ENCODER SETUP. These will be a series of numbers. It is not the email and password used to login with.