How do you add a live viewer counter to your videos?

You can add a live viewer counter to live streams and playlist content (video on demand content is not able to add a live viewer counter). This is done by selecting the content you want to add the counter to and going to PUBLISH SETTINGS.

Here you will find a selector under "Password Protected" called "Enable Viewer Counter". By default this will be turned off. Move the selector to ON (making it shaded) and then click .

Please note that you can limit the number of simultaneous viewers in the "limit" field on the right but this feature is still in beta version. 

The viewer counter will now be automatically added to your video content. It will display in the upper right corner as a separate overlay. The counter will update roughly every 60 seconds with the number of concurrent viewers.

Please note that this feature tracks viewers over your website embed, Twitter embeds, direct links and the DaCast Viewer portal. It currently does not track over views on Facebook.

For reference on what counts as a unique viewer, one person watching from multiple tabs inside a browser would count as one. The same person watching from two different browsers, though, would count as two. So multiple people on the same IP address, for example on a university network, would each count as a separate view.


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    We have several stream channels set up and it would be nice to have a code we can embed that would display just the counter. Then we could create a statistics page that would display the counters from all of our channels on 1 page that only we would see.

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    Anthony Romero

    Hi Charles,

    Thanks for the feature request! Will log it to see if we get others similar to this when we sit down to decide priorities.