How do I link my Google Analytics account to my DaCast account?

Please note that you need a Google Analytics account and an active DaCast account.

Linking your Google Analytics account to your DaCast account is a great way to collect more data on your traffic.  In particular, it can give you a live viewer count through "Real Time" and then "Events" from inside your Analytics account. This can also display more data like their origin, if they are viewing from a desktop or a mobile device as seen below:

  1. Login to your Google Analytics account, at
  2. Go to the ADMIN section in the top bar, as shown:


  1. Under the PROPERTY section, click on TRACKING INFO, then on TRACKING CODE, as shown below:


Then, this page will display:


It is on this page that you can your tracking ID, a series of digits starting with “UA “.
Please copy this Tracking ID for later.

  1. Login to your DaCast account at
  2. Click on the VIDEO PREFERENCES icon under PREFERENCES on the left side of the New Back Office.

Please turn ON your Google Analytics settings.

Afterwards, you will see this:


Paste the Tracking ID you copied earlier from your Google Analytics account into the area framed in red above.

Please click SAVE once you have entered your Tracking ID.
Congratulations! You have successively set up Google Analytics tracking in your DaCast account.

You have the option to choose which videos you want to track with your Google Analytics account.

In the publish settings section of your VOD or Live Channel, you can turn the Google Analytics Tracking ON or OFF as indicated below:


Please note that if you try to track one of your videos without including a tracking ID, this window will pop-up:


This pop-up gives you the ability to directly enter your Tracking ID:

Your Tracking ID will automatically be saved in your VIDEO PREFERENCES once you enter it.