Why is the PayPal option not appearing in my paywall?

There are three reasons why PayPal might not show up as a purchasing option inside your paywall, although two are similar.

A. You have not agreed to the PayPal terms of service. PayPal has their own terms, different from DaCast. Part of this blocks certain content from being sold, such as adult content.

To agree to the terms and go to PREFERENCES and then PAYMENT SETTINGS. Here you can agree to the terms and also turn PayPal ON as a option.

B. PayPal Purchases haven't been turned ON as a option. To do this go to PREFERENCES and then PAYMENT SETTINGS as seen above and turn this on. It will add the PayPal option.

C. Your account was flagged for having adult content. When an account is flagged for having adult content, it is blocked from selling over PayPal. If you believe this is the reason, please come into chat and an account manager can verify if this is the case.