FlowPlayer Shortcut Module

This module allows you to easily use the Flow instead of the default DaCast player through a simple shortcut that can be added to the JS embed code (found under PUBLISH SETTINGS).

To enable this, you just have to add the attribute player=”flow” to the embed code as follows:


<script id="177_f_89314" width="640" height="480" player = "flow" src="" class="dacast-video"></script>   

As before, you can change the width and the height parameters in the embed code.

This is for a general, stock version of FlowPlayer.

Please note, for the time being it is required that your live channel have a splash screen uploaded before the FlowPlayer shortcut module will work. If you don't have one uploaded, please do so before trying to use this. If you don't want a splash screen but still want to use this, try uploaded an image of black or a transparent PNG file.


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    The player keeps stopping, without reason. Then at a point, after about 3 minutes, it says "Stream can't be found". Yet my stream is up and running just fine.