Wirecast Documentation [Version 5]

Please note: HTML5 streams require version 5.0.3 of Wirecast.




  • In your DaCast account:

Click on your channel and go to the ENCODER SETUP. There choose the bitrate, the resolution and aspect ratio you want (click on the + sign to add more bitrate).

Once you have set the bitrate(s) and aspect ratio(s), click on SAVE and then on NEXT STEP.

Click on OTHER RTMP ENCODER and get:

- Your login and password (a series of numbers; not your email and password to access your DaCast account)

- Your stream URL

- Your stream name

  • In Wirecast 5:

Open Wirecast and open the OUTPUT SETTINGS window. To do so you can:

- Click on STREAM, if you have not streamed yet

- Press the keys CONTROL + Y, on PC or press the keys COMMAND + Y, on Mac.

When the window opens, you will be asked to “Select an Output Destination”. The destination should be “RTMP Server”. Click on OK.

Enter the stream URL under ADDRESS, and the stream name under STREAM.

Enter the 6-digit login and password in SET CREDENTIALS.



Make sure, that the stream is correctly set up for HTML5. To do so click on the clockwork icon near the ENCODING dropdown and choose EDIT or NEW PRESET.

The settings for HTML5 should be the following:

- Output Format: FLASH

- Encoder: H.264

- Width, Height, Frames per second, Average bit rate: your choice

- Profile: Baseline

- Key frame every: make your choice

- Channels: Stereo

- Target bit rate: make your choice

- Sample rate: not 48 Khz or 44.1 Khz (may cause audio sync issues), try 24.00 kHz

Click SAVE or SAVE AS.

Back in the OUTPUT SETTINGS window, click on OK.



You are now ready to stream: click on STREAM.



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    Wirecast 5 has a dacasts setting which links to the users login and password for dacast. Where are the instructions for that? It finds the feeds, but then doesn't connect

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    Anthony Romero

    Hi Ray,

    Are you trying to get it to work for Flash or HTML5 for the drop down inside the encoder? For Flash, it should work fine. For the HTML5 (all device) we are having issues and trying to work with Telestream on this: the problem is that the login and password for the unique six digits for HTML5 doesn't have a space to enter it.

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    I've followed all these instructions to the letter, and I'm still getting the "Cannot publish the stream..." error :/

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    Anthony Romero

    Hi David,

    What are you putting in the for the login and password?

    Here is a guide for placing this in if that's the issue part: