Wirecast Documentation [Version 4.2]

Please note: HTML5 (All Device) streams require version 5.0.3 of Wirecast.

This guide is for version 4.2 and later of Wirecast. If you have a version before Wirecast 4.2, please refer to this guide: Telestream’s Wirecast features built-in integration with the DaCast service, making it incredibly simple to get started with the encoder.


Once your Wirecast is setup with your camera, click the “Broadcast” icon, which will launch a “Broadcast Settings” window. If it doesn’t, meaning you have streamed before, go to BROADCAST>BROADCAST SETTINGS or click Ctrl+Y to get here.

Now in this window go down to “Destination” and click the field to bring down a list of options. From the list select “DaCast Streaming Services”; DaCast will be the fourth option from the top. You will now be given the chance to enter your username with DaCast. This should be whatever email address you signed up with, using the same login details that you would to login to your DaCast account.

 Next, click . This will prompt you to enter your DaCast account password. Click OK to proceed.

 Now a list of your DaCast live channels should be automatically imported into your Wirecast encoder. Choose the channel you want to stream to.

Finally, click at the bottom and you are now ready to start broadcasting your content over the internet through DaCast. - Please note this guide is for single bitrate streams only. If you need to do multi-bitrates, please follow these instructions instead as the process is very different, and can be found here.