How do I stream Using VidBlaster?

VidBlaster is a paying encoder for Windows only
You can download a free version of VidBlasterX Studio version 4 here

Inside your DaCast Account

If you haven’t already, create a live channel. Get all the way to the ENCODER SETUP part. Make sure to remember the name of your live channel.

Inside VidBlaster 

1/ Please click on FILE then LOAD PROFILE and select the default profile as shown below: 

You should have this result: 

2/Hit a right click in the STREAMER 1 module and select DaCast as your STREAM TYPE as shown below:

3/ Please hit another right click in your streamer 1 module and go to STREAM SETTINGS. Click on Login. 
This will ask you for your Username and Password. This is the email and password that you use to login to your DaCast account

4/ Enter them and then go back in the stream settings and refresh your channel list as shown below: 

5/ Your channel list will now populate. Choose the live channel you want to broadcast to.

6/ You can now select the source of your stream among the available options. 
When your select the source of your stream, make sure the latter is all set. 

For instance, if you choose the CAMERA 1 module as your source, make sure your select the source of your camera in the drop down menu. 

Once you are satisfied, you can click START if you want to begin streaming.

To preview your stream go back to the DaCast backend and click on Preview.
To test your stream in a browser you can also copy paste the Facebook or Twitter code in your search bar. Note that it can take up to 50 seconds to come up online.