Can I use my phone to live broadcast to DaCast? (broadcast, not watch)

The answer to this is "yes" and "sometimes". 

Almost all RTMP enabled sources, including apps, will work over DaCast. The issue comes up in the login and password step. Unfortunately, most (not all) apps do not support a login and password and therefore can't be used to live stream over DaCast. 

For those wanting to stream over the All Device/HTML5 channels, we recommend Broadcast Me. This is a paid app, but one that does support the login and password method and has been tested over iOS devices.

Here is a Broadcast Me guide.



Note: most comments below are from before Broadcast Me released their latest version.


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    I can't get this to work. I'm using Broadcast Me on an iPhone 5s. I entered the above url with the numbers changed to reflect my stream url found in the XML profile I downloaded to work in Flash Media Live Encoder on my Mac. If that's not the right URL where do I find the right one?

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    doesn't work! how to setup?

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    waste of money installing Broadcast Me. Can't get it to work. Not a detailed enough explanation anywhere of how to do this, if it is possible.

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    The documentation does not work with BigVencoder, user and password must be passed the old fashioned HTTP way.


    the @ could make problem if you have a single url, maybe trying to urlencode it @ = %40
    anyway in BigVEncode you have 3 fields so just use:
    1) rtmp://
    2) Entrypoint
    3) dclive_1_1@103716

    it worked for me

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    For BigVEncoder, the authorization you enter will be different than what is described above. On the Media Destination page within the app, choose the third method for entering the destination address and enter it like this:

    Server URL: rtmp:USERNAME:PASSWORD@//
    App/Path: Entrypoint
    Stream name: dclive_1_150@103716

    Of course, you would change the stream name to the one you are using. Someone who uses DaCast has tested this for me and reports that it works.