Credentials for Wirecast with HTML5 (All Device)

Compared to Flash streams, there is an added step that includes your login and password that need to be entered into the encoder. Here are details on how to find this.

In your DaCast account:

Click on your channel and go to the ENCODER SETUP, click on NEXT STEP, then on OTHER RTMP ENCODER and get:

- Your login and password (a series of number, not your email)


• In Wirecast:

1) Once your Wirecast is opened and setup with your camera, click the “Broadcast” icon, which will launch a BROADCAST SETTINGS window.

If it doesn’t, meaning you have streamed before, go to BROADCAST > BROADCAST SETTINGS or click Ctrl+Y to get here.

2) Then click on SET CREDENTIALS, located at the bottom right of that window and enter the login and password you found in your DaCast account. Click OK.

Now you are ready to use your live stream with Wirecast!

If you need help using the Wirecast program as a whole, please refer to these guides:

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