Transcoding Walkthrough

What Transcoding Does

Transcoding takes content uploaded for video on demand and makes it compatible with DaCast. So if you have uploaded a video that is not natively supported, this needs to be transcoded in order to work. Furthermore, all transcoded files will be setup with maximum compatibility over the system, with the ability to reach iOS devices.

What File Types Work

For video, the system natively supports MP4 with the video codec as H.264 without needing to transcode. For audio, AAC is supported. These formats will work right after uploading over desktops and mobiles.

Auto Encoding

First, begin to upload the content you want to use over DaCast. Please reference the Video on Demand walkthrough or guide if you need help with this step. Once a file is selected, this will present the option to "Auto Encode" or "Raw Upload".

If you choose to "Auto Encode", your work is done. There will be a delay to the content being available so it can be encoded to the proper format.

When to Transcode with Raw Upload

If you choose to raw upload, follow the steps below to ensure compatibility.

After uploading content, go to the front page of your account to see if the content is compatible. 

If your files are not supported they will show up with this red symbol and need to be transcoded.

 Alternatively, depending on how it was encoded, it might be uncertain if your file will play or not. This will show up as a yellow symbol. In which case, please test the video over DaCast first to see if it plays correctly. Often times, it will.

 If the content is fully supported, it should show a green symbol. However, if your file is having playback issues over iOS you might still benefit from transcoding to make this possible.

Cost for Transcoding

Transcoding is free on all monthly plans.

For free trials, transcoding costs $3 per GB, with a minimum purchase of $5. 

How to Transcode
First you will need to select that video and go to the  tab. On this tab you can add additional bitrates to your file, and also transcode the "master".

To transcode the master, click the  below the action column on the "Original File" and then . This will take some time depending on file size, and will give a “Waiting” progress bar before  to confirm that the file is being encoded. You can leave the page while the progress bar is going and it’ll still finish at the same rate.

When completed, the file will show a green  symbol and will be viewable over the DaCast platform and wherever the content is embed on your own site.

Alternatives to Transcoding

 If you don’t want to trancode your content there are programs which will do this for you. The most recommended one is a free program called Handbrake, which can be used to encode video files to support iOS devices over DaCast: