What is an Embedded Player?

An embedded player is a media player enclosed in an HTML document or other web space, such as a forum, using the ActiveX and or Netscape plug-in for that player. This often refers to Flash video, which is the most common format choice for content streamed over the internet, or HTML5.

DaCast supports a dual embed approach. Using either an iframe or JS (Javascript code), a player can be embed into the HTML of a website. This code will then dynamically change based on the device trying to view it. Desktops will receive a Flash version, mobiles will receive an HTML version of the player.

It is simple to use without the need to create a special embed catered to how your viewers are trying to watch it.

To access these embed codes, click on a channel or video and go to  . In general, the iframe embed code works unless you are using website referral restrictions, in which case the JS code is needed.