The Best Way to Test a Player

DaCast is compatible with the following players:

•    VideoJS 4 - Default DaCast player
•    VideoJS 5 - new version of VideoJS
•    JW Player 6.x
•    JW Player 7.x
•    FlowPlayer Flash 3.2
•    FlowPlayer HTML5 6.x
•    Grind Player
•    Html5 VIdeo Tag
•    None
•    MediaElement (coming soon)

You can test all of compatible players using this link:

1.    Choose the player you want to test under PLAYERS

2.    Please provide with your DaCast Video ID in your embed code under PUBLISH SETTINGS inside your Dacast account.

The video ID should look like that: xxxxx_x_xxxxxx with the X being specific to your content. 

Example : 
Here is an embed code: <script id="69218_c_353703" width="512" height="288" src="//"  class="dacast-video"></script>
The Video ID is the red part of it: 69218_c_353703 

3.    You can change the height and the width of the player as well as the embed code style. 

4.    ...and finally click on the submit button to see the end result.

Please note that if your using the DaCast player this method remains the best to verify if your content is being played. 
The Iframe code that you can find under publish settings in your DaCast page is a html page created that includes the player. You might risk some cache issues whereas the player generator ( is free of this kind of issue.