Thumbnail and Splash Screen Walkthrough

What are Thumbnails?

Thumbnails are small images, either icons or a still picture from the movie, which represent the video to viewers before they begin to watch.

Where do Thumbnails Appear?

The primary location for thumbnails is as part of the Channel Package. In the channel selection there will be a list of channels or files inside the package, each will be represented by the channel name and a thumbnail image. 

Uploading a Thumbnail

To upload a thumbnail, go to the  tab for any Live or On Demand video. The thumbnail part will be in the lower middle next to company logo. For video on demand, you can choose between one of four previously setup images from the video, or  your own. For Live, you are just given the ability to upload. The image circled in blue will be the current select image to represent your content.


What Type of Images Can I Use?

JPEG, PNG and GIF formats are supported. For GIFs, you can upload animated ones, but it will only show the first frame. Additionally, transparent elements on GIFs and PNGs will be replaced by black.

Images should be less than 1MB in size.

What are Splash Screens?

A Splash Screen is an image that covers the entire viewable area of the player when the content isn’t playing.

When do Splash Screens Appear?

Splash screens will first “splash” onto the video area for a few seconds before the video starts to play. This can be used as a loading screen or preview. In addition, if your live stream is offline, the splash screen will appear as a background for behind any system messages, even including the paywall if you are charging for your content. Additionally, for content not set to autoplay, or after a video on demand has finished, the splash screen will also appear until the viewer clicks play.

In addition, on the optional Dacast Viewer service the Splash Screen will also be used to represent your content on there.

Uploading a Splash Screen

Similar to uploading a thumbnail, go to the    tab for any Live or On Demand video. The splash screen part will be in the lower right next to thumbnails.


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    King's Church International

    Hi, what image proportions should be used? I had to view source to find the logo size is 128 as I couldn't find it documented anywhere?


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    Yep - dimensions please...

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    Anthony Romero


    No specific limits to dimensions, although the file size should be less than 1MB.

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    dimensions are important to us designer types. thanks!

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    I dont want it full screen but as my dimensions, as others have said. So I cant do that?
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    and I cannot delete a Logo - why not?
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    We recommend using picture with a 4:3 ratio. All resolutions are accepted.