Why is my video content not playing in Facebook?

Please note that any content published on Facebook will be played through the Facebook player, not through the DaCast player to make sure your contente can be played even if there is a Facebook update. 

However please note that, at this time, the Facebook player is not able to play the following :

  • Playlist
  • Package
  • Live channel or VOD with a paywall 

Therefore, if your content is not playing on Facebook, please do the following: 

  1. Make sure you haven't published a package nor a playlist 
  2. Double check that there is no paywall on your live channel or your VOD* 

If you have published a live channel or a VOD with a paywall but it is still not working, please:

  1. Verify that your video content has been turned ON in the back office
  2. For a live channel please double check your encoder settings

If you still cannot play your live channel nor your VOD on Facebook, please contact our support team. 

*To share a paid content (live or VOD) on Facebook, please make sure to include the share code in your post and ask your followers to click on the link to access the content. 
When clicking on the link, the video content will open in a new video and the viewers will be able to access the content after purchasing it.