How to generate a M3U8 media link in the Back Office?

In March 2016, DaCast announced the ability to provision live channels for Roku TV, Apple TV or any private web TV channels and mobile app. This is possible via the generation of an HLS M3U8 media link for any of your live streaming channel. 

Please note that this M3U8 feature is available for Pro plans and above. If you are interested in getting it, please contact us! 

If you are already familiar with the m3u8 link of your DaCast channel and want to know more on how to stream on Roku TV, please click here
This guide will help you generate the m3u8 link in your DaCast account. 

  1. Login into your DaCast account 

  2. Go into the LIVE CHANNELS section of your account and click on "Create" 

  3. Select the 2nd type of live channel as shown below : 

  4. Once your live channel is created, click on it and go under the PUBLISH SETTINGS section. 
    You will see the direct m3u8 link at the bottom as shown in the screenshot below: 


  5. The format of your M3U8 should be the following: 

  6. Please add "https:" in front of your m3u8 link as shown below:
    This will ensure a secure delivery of your stream via the m3u8 link

  7. To test your m3u8 link, the best way is to : 
    1. Launch your stream 
    2. Double check using the preview button in the back office or the share code that your live stream is playing correctly 
    3. Open VLC 
    4. Click on Media and select "Open a network stream" 
    5. Paste your m3u8 link 
    6. Your live stream should appear in VLC