Why Does Video Player Show as Offline in Firefox, but Worked Before?

At this present point in time, the DaCast play needs Flash for playback on desktops and laptops. Mobile devices do not have this requirement.

Mozilla and Firefox have become proactive in blocking outdated versions of Flash. They have done this on December 21, 2015, October 21, 2015, and earlier. The frequency from which outdated Flash plugins are disabled on Firefox has increased as well. If you are seeing offline in the player on Firefox and it worked before, it's possible your version of Flash is now outdated and being blocked by the browser.

To make sure you have Flash installed and what version, please click here:

To make sure you version is up to date, please check the blocked plugin list here:

Check the list from the top going down. The most recently blocked version should be at the top, and your version needs to be a more recent one than that.

If you have an outdated version please consult this page for how to update and more details: