Uptime Status: Service Health Dashboard

This is a service dashboard to see the overall status of the DaCast Streaming as a Service system and its various features.

Please feel free to bookmark this page.

In the event of an outage, downtime or a service disruption please see the notation below the chart for more details.

Services Status Details
Legacy (Flash) Live Streams Down
All Device (HTML5) Live Streams Up
Video On Demand (VOD) Streams Up
Playlist Streams Up
Video Uploading (PC Uploader) Up
Video Uploading (FTP) Up
Mobile Device Streaming Up
Channel Creation Up
VOD Encoding Up
Video Paywall (Pay Per View/Subscriptions) Up




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    Can you make this page easier to find? URL seems complex. How about

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    Anthony Romero


    Good suggestion. We are looking into ways to improve the help resources and better integrate them into the site. Will take that suggestion into consideration, or at least ways in which this page can be easier to find.

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    currently any VOD video from Dacast reports 'video offline', while the status page is reporting all services Up.

    Can we rely at all on info on this page? Is there any other page where more up to date status info can be found?


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    problems again trying to upload video.