What is the latency / delay on live streaming?

Depending on which type of channel you have, there will be a different amount of latency in the live stream.

For HTML5 live channel, due to taking the RTMP feed and making it compatible over mobile devices, there is a delay of 30-45 seconds.
Latency might be longer if your upload connection is "slow" or computer is using too many resources to push through the encoder signal.

To get a low latency live channel, please contact us as we are offering a low latency solution for our pro plans and above (latency of 8s in average).


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    How do I get a Flash channel?

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    Unable to creat Flash channel
    as i have already created Flash channel earlier which is working fine but now i want to creat one more Flash channel, i cant as there is no option for creat Flash channel

    please help me

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    How to create a Flash channel? There is no selection.

    Or, any way you can shorten the delay?

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    After almost a year, now way to create a Flash-only channel? or shorten the delay?