Walkthrough: Monetization (Pay Per View / Subscription)

Getting Started with Monetization and Paywalls

After creating a stream, click the  tab located at the top. After selecting monetization, there are two types to choose from, each located under its own tab on the left. These types are:

These can be combined on a single stream as well.

 Adding a Pay Per View

To create a pay per view click, then select a price and duration in the popup frame. For example, setting $5 of access for 1 hour means that someone rents the content for a full hour for five dollars and this timer starts from the minute they begin to watch; in other words, if they start to watch for that hour, pause, and then come back a day later their access will have expired even if they didn’t watch for the full time.

ALLOW MULTIPLE PURCHASES is an option that lets viewers buy more than one “ticket” of access at a time. In the example above, if enabled, someone could spend $10 and get two hours of access, so they work as multiples. Unchecking this will disable this option.

START METHOD refers to two methods: “Upon Purchase” and “Schedule”. When selecting “Upon Purchase”, the content can automatically be viewed the instant it’s paid for.

With “Schedule”, this option is meant to tackle live streams on a specific date or time release content. It allows broadcasters to create a start time for content by date and a specific hour and minute.

To begin creating a schedule, select the option and place your cursor in the first field which will populate a calendar. Choose the date your broadcast is going to start, or “release date” for your Video On Demand. Next choose an hour and minute interval, done in 5 minute segments. It’s best to make the window of access larger in case it runs late or starts late. Default time zone is UTC, but this can be changed.

When finished, viewers can purchase the content early but can only start to watch when the specific date and time roll around. This presents an effective way to presell without having to worry about a user starting their window of access too early.

Note: it is important not to change your start time if people have already bought your stream, as this can cause issues. If you need to change your start time and people have pre-ordered, please contact us.
Once everything is ready, click the   button. This will add it to your listing below.

 Multiple Pay Per Views

If desired, multiple pay per view options can be attached to one stream. So, in the example above, you could offer $5 for one hour of access, or charge $25 for an entire day of access. Multiple pay per views allow you to upsell content and add variety to your offerings.Adding multiple pay per views is the same as creating a single one, by entering values and clicking the   button. If you need to remove a price, click the icon to delete and then SAVE

Adding a Subscription

Adding a subscription to a stream is very similar to the process for adding a pay per view. It requires selecting a price and a time frame. For example, picking $80 and an annual duration will give the viewer a year of access for eighty dollars. So if they start watching on January they would have up until January of the next year to watch.

Once everything is ready, click the   button. Now SAVE to confirm and add the subscription to your stream.

Like Pay Per View, subscriptions can be combined so you can charge different rates at the same time. For example, on top of the $80 annual subscription above you could also offer a $30 monthly rate as well to provide more options. This is done in the same fashion of entering in the values, clicking the button and SAVE.