Is it possible to record a live stream automatically for VOD playback?

Presently, DaCast does not have Server Side Arching (also known as Auto Archiving). We do not automatically save and host an on demand version of past live streams for later viewing.

That said, you can use your encoder to save a local copy of your live stream. This video file can then be upload to DaCast or another video platform for your viewers to watch it.

If you want to learn more, please consult the two guides below, although any software encoder should have this feature or a similar one:

Flash Media Live Encoder Archiving Documentation

Wirecast Archiving Documentation


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    Is there any plan to offer server-side recording?

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    Looks like David never got an answer for his question above. I am also interested in the server side recording. Kindly respond.

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    Me too very interested!

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    server-side recording with the ability for clients to pause & rewind a live broadcast is very cool.

    I wish Dacast would offer it. I have seen it with other providers and it works really well.