Where can people view my videos and live streams?

You have five options, all of which can be used to view your content on both desktops and mobile devices. Using these options involve the PUBLISH SETTINGS tab for your content.



  1. Your website
    People can view the content on your website using one of the Embed codes found under PUBLISH SETTINGS. You will need to add this code to your website on the pages you want the video player to appear on.

  2. Facebook
    Using the Facebook and Twitter Share Code, also found under PUBLISH SETTINGS, you can share your video content directly on the social network. To do this create a wall post and insert the code into the post. When posted, an image with a play icon will appear. Someone can click this to have a video player appear. Please note that, unless a prior arrangement with Facebook is done, you can not embed monetized content on the network.

  3. Twitter
    Also using the Facebook and Twitter Share Code, found under PUBLISH SETTINGS, you can share your content on Twitter as well. To do this create a tweet and insert the code.
    Please note that right now after publishing your tweet you have to click on the link to access its video content. 

  4. DaCast Viewer Page
    Content can also be indexed and share from your DaCast Viewer Page. You can get this link from clicking the "Preview DaCast portal page" link found in the lower right of PUBLISH SETTINGS. Please note that your content must meet all requirements first, for example having a description and an uploaded Splash Screen. Any missing requirements will appear instead of the link.

  5. Direct Link
    You can also send them a direct link of the video content. This can be done by copying the Facebook and Twitter Share Code and distributing it.

If you want to create a package in the new Back Office, follow this link.



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    I am frustrated as it doesn't work. To me, its a useless package.

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    Anthony Romero

    Hi Aldeen,

    Very sorry to hear that, please reach out to our support so we can better understand your issue and assist you, or mention it here if you think it might benefit others to see it.

    Warm regards.

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    The Login is frustrating and putting my customers off! It's when a customer clicks on the link for a channel to watch a film. They get to go into the box to login. They are asked to enter an email and a password. That's where it's confusing! I was told last time to enter my own email password! I did, but it didn't work! I had to request another password to go through. This is frustrating and it puts off customers! No one has the time to login again to their email to get a new password! This needs to be fixed asap or I'm going somewhere else!