How do I setup a backup stream with HTML5?

Live Streaming to HTML5 uses Akamai and has a back-up RTMP URL in case you encounter issues with the primary stream URL. 

The back-up URL can be found in the third step of your the encoder set up page of your DaCast platform, as shown below: 

You just need to copy paste the Backup URL in your encoder to start using it. 
Example of back up URL:  rtmp://



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    where I find the backup files ??? I tried to do a test but can not find the file ...

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    Anthony Romero


    Sorry if there is any confusion. This does not save a backup copy for later use, that would be a recording feature inside the encoder.

    What this backup stream does was send the stream to us twice, in the very remote event that the broadcast goes does to that publishing point it will direct to the other. This can take more upload speed to achieve, so only recommended if you have had issues in the past (which since we have begun using Akamai has not been an issue).